About Us

About Us

Business Profile

Edmira Group is a diversified and fully integrated company with an exciting set of five ( 5 ) business divisions, vibrantly operating in Ghana and Africa across a wide range of sectors.

Edmira Group International’s strategy evolves as our businesses grow, mature, and diversify into new sectors and regions in the coming decades. Starting out as a commodity trading company, our strategy is to transform and focus on manufacturing for import substitution.

The early 2000s saw Groups approach in import into Ghana further adjust to strategic asset acquisition in line with the then Government’s privatization policies. This set the stage for us as an organization to phase in our strategic plan for the next decade; expansion and backward integration.

Edmira Group is striving for self-reliance in Ghana in all the sectors where it operates and has drawn up ambitious plans to set up world-class projects in new realms such as Agriculture, Food productions and processing and Export promotions.

Our core business focus is to provide local, value-added products and services that meet the ‘basic needs’ of the populace through the trade, construction and operation of large scale manufacturing facilities in Ghana and across Africa.  

We are focused on building local manufacturing capacity to generate employment, reduce capital flight and increase local value addition.

Our mission is to Give you Good Services


Currently Africa is the largest producer of Raw material in the world and its quite alarming that we have what it takes to be self sufficient but we do not produce for our own gains.
Edmira Group International as an origination is to ensure we position ourselves as a country to be a part of the self-reliance goals of Africa in the years to come.
Africa will be great but it will only take organizations like us willing to put in the work for growth and substantially.


Our core vision is to be move Ghana from product importation to production and exports in the near future. By Impacting lives as we grow in the years to come by providing a sustainable way of giving the ordinally Ghanaian their basic needs.


Our mission is to ensure that every Ghanaian living in or outside the country recognize Africa or Ghana as the industrial hub and come back to be part of its building through policy developing and partnerships.

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Success D. Gamadeku
Managing Director

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